The Majestic Stag (Thomas Goode)

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This champagne cooler takes inspiration from age-old Celtic traditions. Twin stag figurines evoke the ‘monarch of the glen’, considered by the Celts as a link between mankind and the spiritual world. This breath-taking example of Great British design is made in the EU from the finest stainless steel (silver plated) and pewter (gold or silver plated) for a high-quality finish.

Vessel polished stainless steel (silver plated), stag figurines and beading finish options gold or silver plated below.

Available directly from Thomas Goode or Carynx below.

Total height (champagne cooler and stag) 33cm
Champagne cooler height 26cm
Champagne cooler diameter 26cm
Base diameter 16cm
Champagne cooler material Silver plated 18/10 stainless steel
Stag material Silver or Gold Plated
Beading material Silver or Gold Plated
Weight 3.1kg

Comfortably holds a magnum, or three bottles.