Hand-made by Europe’s most skilled artisans, using the finest materials, Carynx wine coolers are created with meticulous attention to detail. It takes our craftsmen 71 hours over a period of 41 days, to create a single wine cooler – a unique centrepiece taking pride of place in the most opulent of settings.

The artist at work

Designed to be enjoyed as a thing of beauty, a Carynx wine cooler is a piece of art in its own right. Each handcrafted cooler features the iconic Highland stag in one of three representations. A select group of artists work on these exclusive pieces, starting with a series of sketches of the stag, and then creating with modelling clay and mouldable plastic for prototyping.

Working with the modelling clay and mouldable plastic, the artist is able to resize the design, and then refine the features of the stag in modelling clay and plastic, shaping it in intricate detail.

The sculpture is later cast in pewter using a combination of bespoke processes, the lost wax process, gravity casting and slush casting methods.

These exquisite sculptures showcase the majestic creature and allude to Britain’s rich Celtic heritage and symbolism handed down through the generations.

Bespoke moulding

The original clay and plastic sculpture begins its metamorphosis into a pewter figurine through the creation of a series of moulds made from different materials. 

An exact negative of the original is created, is used a wax replicas of the original stag sculpture. Customised soldering irons – dental tools are ideal – are used to repair or further enhance imperfections.

Metal moulds for gravity and slush casting is employed and rubber moulds for slush and other bespoke casting process is used. The combination of processes produces very accurate figurines to a high standard of finish and complexity.

Molten pewter is poured inside, creating the final stag figurine. When cool enough to handle, craftsmen use fine scalpels to remove excess metal, then a sandblaster to remove the last remnants.


The pewter stag is cast using traditional and bespoke casting methods to a high standard of finish and complexity. The pewtersmith uses his skill in bringing the components to a soldering lamp, or in certain circumstances the lamp to the component. Once thoroughly cleaned, it is ready for finishing. Some of our designs are gold-plated; others showcase the natural sheen of the pewter.

Once popular for making plates, mugs and utensils, pewter is enjoying a worldwide revival as people rediscover its glowing beauty and functionality. It is little wonder that it has found favour with both craftsmen and their customers.

As an alloy, pewter is traditionally 85–99% tin, with the remainder consisting of copper, antimony, bismuth and other trace elements. As a relatively malleable soft alloy, pewter is can be easily shaped using hand tools, and the attractive sheen makes it suitable for decorative items such as tankards, candlesticks and even jewellery.

It may be seen as an alternative to silver, but is in no way a poor relation. At Carynx, we take great pleasure in presenting the very finest pewter castings.


High quality stainless steel sheets are transformed into Carynx buckets using a bespoke process, and polished to a mirror-like finish. The pewter stag and beading is attached to the bucket, creating a unique and exclusive piece for the dining table.

This grade of stainless steel not only has a lustrous appearance, but is low maintenance and resistant to corrosion or staining. It is popular for use in jewellery and watches as it will not discolour. However, its robust nature also makes it ideal for a wide range of household and industrial equipment. It is even used as a construction material in large buildings, and in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Iconic designs, exquisite craftsmanship, the finest materials. Carynx wine coolers are art for the dining room, embellished with the majestic stag, in luminous pewter or regal gold-plate.

Discover our process
From clay to precious metal

Learn about the design and moulding processes involved in our handcrafted champagne coolers

Sunil and his team of designers start their creative process with a series of sketches. Their finished designs are then resized and developed into prototype sculptures using modelling clay and mouldable plastic. The modelling process allows further refinement of the features. This additional crafting ensures the trademark intricacy of Carnyx designs. Once the clay and plastic model is complete, it gradually transforms into a pewter figurine through the use of a series of moulds, each one made from a different material and delivering a different creative impact. Wax is used to test the quality of the moulds with repairs and further enhancements made before each of them is declared final. The combination of moulds and processes delivers very accurate figurines with a high standard of finish and complexity. Each figurine is cast in pewter with gold or silver plating applied in line with each customer’s preference.

Finishing the metalwork

Discover how we bring the components of our prestige 
champagne coolers together

The skilled work of a pewtersmith ensures our finely cast figurines and delicate beading are secured beautifully to our vessels. Once the soldering is completed the figurines are thoroughly cleaned ready for finishing. Our vessels are made from 18/10 stainless steel that customers can choose to be gold or silver plated. We use a bespoke process to create the vessel’s shape and polish the surface to a mirror-like finish. The grade of stainless steel we use not only has a lustrous surface but is low maintenance and resistant to corrosion or staining. Many skilled metal workers have asked us how we create the vessel out of 18/10 stainless steel at the size that we do. They ask because the molecules in this stainless steel "remember" their original shape and will return to it when deformed. Our bespoke process, that makes this scale of vessel possible in 18/10 stainless steel, is a very well-kept secret. It adds to the overall quality and stature of our champagne coolers and ensures their prominent role at the greatest social occasions. They’re enjoyed in every luxury location from the Russian Summer Ball to the Game Dinner at St Moritz.